Employer Best Practices

Employer Best Practices, Image Credit: Pixabay

What Are Best Practices in the Workplace?

Employer Best Practices

Image Credit: Pixabay 

Employer Best practices are sets of methods and techniques that produce optimal results, increase efficiency and develop structured processes. Many industries and professions use best practices to streamline work and adhere to industry standards. Learning how best practices work can improve your success in the workplace.

Employer Best Practices in the Workplace Include the following, according to Entrepreneur:

1. Provide Clear Explanations

People get frustrated and demotivated when they don’t know exactly what is expected of them. It starts with the CEO, and is important for every level of leadership in a business.

2. Give people the Opportunity to Use Their Skills

Frustration and boredom are counterproductive so you need to align jobs with people with the right skills. 

3. Support Your Team

There are many workplaces where managers don’t care about their people and make no effort to show interest. You should know about your staff: what is happening in their lives, what motivates them, and offer assistance when they are overloaded.

4. Encourage People to Contribute Ideas and Get Involved In Decisions

Involving people, asking their opinions and listening to their advice and feedback makes a huge difference to them. 

5. Encourage Feedback and Recognition

Managers must be open to feedback, and giving positive and constructive feedback is a great way to establish an honest open feedback culture. 

6. Enable People to Have Fun at Work

Everyone needs downtime from work and this could be a casual day (dress down Friday), afternoon break with a difference like culturally focused food, trivia competitions, team outing. This needs to be built into the workplace culture. r part of your workplace.

7. Encourage Learning and Development

You need to promote learning, and opportunities to develop new skills. People need to know there is the time to do it, and a positive emphasis on gaining new skills and learning from mistakes.

8. Create a Great Workplace from an Employee’s Point of View

From the Employee’s perspective, a great workplace is one where they:

  • Trust the people they work for
  • Have pride in what they do
  • Enjoy working with their work colleagues

Our Story

Employer Best Practices

Image Credit: Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay 

Our story is my own personal journey from working part-time in an electrical shop to helping others find their perfect job.

It is also the story of our expert team and their experiences, the importance of learning lessons and a message of hope to all job candidates, employees,  employers and recruiters to never give up.

I have worked in many types of different workplaces as a manager and an employee and the happiest most productive businesses tend to be those that have employer best practices in place.

My Name is Jeff

I have always believed that if you are going to do something then always give it your best shot.

Try not to be discouraged by those who don’t believe in what your doing, the doomsters also people that are jealous.

Follow your dreams!


  • The world of work can be a challenging place and we build some great relationships but also, we tend to learn a lot about ourselves.
  • One of the most intense, early challenges I faced was moving from being an individual in a team to managing a team.
  • What I did not realise at the time is I was on a journey of self-discovery and had to change the perceptions of being one of the lads to managing people. Incredibly difficult when your colleagues are also on their own journey of accepting your new role and some questioning that role.

Early Battle

  • One of the early battles was to get over my fear of speaking to groups of people. The prospect of it terrified me, off the back of an early experience of having to talk to the class at school about trains.
  • It did not go well, but I learnt some valuable life lessons.
  • I realised that you must be well prepared but also talk about a subject you genuinely know something about, ideally something you are passionate about.

Building a Successful Team

Employer Best Practices

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

  • I have been lucky enough to work in many successful teams and work with managers who have been truly inspirational and led by example.
  • This has taught me a lot about the dynamics of building a successful team and the importance of Employer Best Practices.
  • Surprisingly, what has been just as valuable is working with managers who had little interest in leading and instead playing the blame game.
  • Unfortunately, we all know or have worked for managers like that.
  • You quickly realise when on the receiving end of poor decisions or the team has been blamed unfairly, there must be a better way.
  • My story so far has shown me that to build successful teams the various roles required for the team need to be clear.
  • Recruit candidates with the best skills, experience and are most likely to fit into the work environment.

Smashing Targets

  • It has never been a problem to be motivated and to achieve targets, but this is where my competitive nature kicks in.
  • Why settle for merely reaching targets when you could smash through them.
  • I’ve found if you set the bar at the highest level possible, way above the target level you want to reach, you are far more likely to be successful whether these are related to your job or personal life.

Our Team’s Own Struggles

  • I work with an incredible team of experts and we all remember the pain of rejection when we were looking for jobs, the frustration of poor or non-existent communication from potential employers and the lack of interview feedback from others.
  • It hurts and it feels personal.
  • This is why we want to lead change in the recruitment industry and encourage employer best practices.

Why Did We Set Up JobPloy Solutions?

  • Our on-going story is to bring hope and opportunity to all Job Candidates, Employees, Employers and Recruiters.
  • We make the impossible, possible by enabling all parties to work together so everyone wins. 

Discover Our Regional Job Boards

Our Job Boards include:


Garniche Jobs London (London Jobs)

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JobPloy Solutions Register (IT Jobs | Legal | Management | Marketing | Media | Sales | Telecoms).

Each job search resource centre has thousands of the latest jobs, updated daily. 

Our Story – The Future

  • Our story is an ongoing one and the aim of JobPloy Solutions is to make life easier whether you are an:
  • Employer, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, CEO, first-time job seeker, looking to climb the career ladder, wanting a change of career, been made redundant or you are trying to get access to the various available training options.
  • We have tried to make all elements of our websites as straightforward and easy to navigate as possible.


  • Working with the best organisations and the best people, who genuinely care about the inter-relationships between Employers, Recruiters, Job Candidates and Employees.
  • We are delighted to be working with organisations and companies like the ICO, The Federation of Small Businesses, CPD Online College and Dream Job Hub.

Technology Partners

Employer Best Practices

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Kinsta – WordPress Hosting Experts

  • We’re embracing the best technology available and this is why all our various platforms are powered by Kinsta Hosting.
  • We’re also showcasing cutting edge technology to make life easier for all businesses.
  • Without losing track of the importance of people in the recruitment process.
  • We would like to thank Kinsta because to date they have provided rock solid hosting and support. Also, their advice has been invaluable, and nothing has ever been too much trouble. Kinsta link (affiliate).


Other Technology that could make your business run smoother and grow quicker includes:

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Employer Best Practices

This is how we reward Employer Best Practice?

Rewarding Best Practice

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